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We are Dutch company, the distributor part of assortment: Douglas Labs, Pure Encapsulations, Minami Nutrition, Nutrasal, Researched Nutritionals, Bio-Botanical Research, Lauricidin, Enada, Natural Immunogenics, Quincy Bioscience, Allergosan and Houston. Besides simple and clear purchacing process that we offer in our online shop, we also provide full transaction safety.

Nutrilabo priority is our customers satisfaction, that is why we put as much effort as possible to ensure that orders are proceded immediately, and our goods we offered are of the best quality. Our professionals are always keen to advice, thanks to that customers can enjoy shopping online with pure pleasure.

If you have any questions or concerns please write us via the contact form or the email address provided: info@nutrilabo.eu.

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Your Health - our Priority!

Welcome! If you have reached this website, it happened for a reason: you do care about your health and well-being. You look for best solutions enabling you to prevent deseases or to support your curing the existing ones. You already know, that healthy nutrition is a prerequisite of a healthy life. You also know, that despite a varied diet it may be advantageous to reach out for food supplements, vitamins and herbs. 

About Nutrilabo - online shop with supplements and vitamins

We offer food supplements from prime manufacturers who apply most stringent rules of quality control and GMP practices, similarly to pharmaceuticals' producers. Starting with top quality raw materials.

How is the highest quality obtained?

Firstly, with standardized and verified contents of the active substance. Especially the herbal substances may dramatically differ in terms of their various ingredients. Hence, it is of utmost importance to determine the level of active substance in the raw material before its further use. Secondly, various forms of vitamins are not the same - the natural ones are easier to absorb than the synthetic ones, although an inadequate thermal treatment or oxidation may change an active form into non-active. While using a natural raw material it is also important to achieve a maximum level of cleanliness and purity. The origins of the raw materials therefore matter a lot, as riddance of toxicity may prove difficult and expensive. Many vitamins are being "enriched" with additional substances meant to improve their color and taste, occasionally leading to allergies. We have paid a lot of attention to select products which may be qualified as "hypoallergenic" and will not bring any unwanted side-effects. The food supplement manufacturers featured on our website share these values, as we do and as you do.

Scientifically proven

Our food supplements are supported by scientific research and numerous references. Their benefits have been verified by many experts in nutrition and medicine. Most of the firms we work with conduct their own research and is endorsed by medical doctors. In the United States, for instance, food supplements are being sold by the clinics, which means that the medical doctor is to stand behind the product he or she is selling.

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