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Nutrilabo priority is our customers satisfaction, that is why we put as much effort as possible to ensure that orders are proceded immediately, and our goods we offered are of the best quality. Our professionals are always keen to advice, thanks to that customers can enjoy shopping online with pure pleasure.

Step 1 – Choose products:

- browse the list of categories or use the search function to find the right product,

- next to each product you will find detailed information about it,

- remember that registered customers can remember products using their storeroom,

- when you have found a product you want, add it to your basket,

- when your order is complete, go to the basket contents.

Step 2 – Basket contents:

- in the shopping basket you will see exactly what products you have chosen and in what quantity,

- change the value in the “quantity” column and click “convert” to make the order match your requirements,

- click on the minus sign icon to remove products from the basket,

- select your preferred methods of delivery and payment,

- if you have a discount coupon, enter the code below to receive your discount,

- confirm your selected options by clicking "Order".

Step 3 – Placing an order:

- if you have an account with us, provide your login details and click "Log on",

- if you don’t have an account, select “Register”, or bypass creating an account by clicking “Place order” – remember that registering gives you multiple privileges, including:

+ ability to view order status and purchase history,
+ no need to re-enter data in case of future purchases,
+ possibility of receiving individual discounts and promotional coupons,

- enter your full name and address/telephone details,

- to have the order sent to a different address, check “Different delivery address” and provide the details,

- add any additional information concerning fulfilment of the order in the "Remarks" field,

- on clicking “Summary” you will see the full set of information you have provided,

- click “Place order” to confirm the purchase,

- on receiving the e-mail, click the link to confirm the order.

Remember that registered customers can use their account to track the status of their orders.

If you have any questions or concerns please write us via the contact form or the email address provided:

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